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  • "Caring for the olderly, feel the heat of life," BRIGHT respecting activities

    July 7, 2013 in the afternoon, dozen of BRIGHT volunteers visited the nursing home located in Shanghai Changshou streets, and cared for the olderly to carry out charitable activities. Despite the hot weather, the volunteers were enthusiastic, interactively chatted with the olderly. They companyed for the olderly to spend a happy afternoon.

  • BRIGHT lighting held 2013 "Earth Hour"

    March 31, 2013, BRIGHT International Group organized a special events Earth Hour on the theme og "Green and energy-saving 1 + 1, BRIGHT and you participating in turning off the lights for one hour for the future of the Earth". That night, several enthusiastic designers from design company jointly participated in the event.

  • BRIGHT launched the 2014 ‘ Earth Hour “in Shanghai

    2014 "Earth Hour, BRIGHT in Action" was held in Shanghai BRIGHT Lighting Application Center Plaza, advocated "Self-made blue", "Environmental protection’ and “Turn off light lamp for one hour for Earth's future. "